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Paco Macias O

Senior Art Director and Photographer with a passion for pushing creative boundaries. With over two decades of experience in technology, fashion, and fine arts, I've had the privilege of shaping brand identities, crafting compelling stories, and capturing the essence of the extraordinary.


My work is defined by a love for photography, composition, color, typography, and messaging, and I'm always eager to embark on new creative journeys.

My journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Communication, majoring in Advertising, providing me with a solid foundation for visual storytelling. Throughout my career, I've had the honor of working with esteemed organizations such as Lexmark International, Baby and Company, Henry Art Gallery, Rareform,  and more, refining my creative acumen and making a lasting impact in the industry.


Beyond my professional life, I'm an explorer of the world, constantly curious and seeking inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes. Collaborating with diverse teams of creative minds fuels my spirit, and I find joy in breaking conventions and capturing the essence of the extraordinary in every project. Join me on this creative journey, where the possibilities of visual storytelling are boundless.

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